Highstreet Guide: Brow Kits

I thought it was about time I put the knowledge I've gained working at Superdrug to good use. After working there for a while I started to notice that a lot of the general questions were the same 'have you got any brow kits?' or 'which is the best matte lipstick?' or 'will you recommend me a good concealer?' So I decided to do a series over the next weeks containing my answers to the questions you're asking the  makeup experts in the shops. Without further ado, here is my list covering the top five high street brow kits, ranging from more expensive options to something a bit cheaper for those on a budget. 

1. L'oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit - £9.99
This is the newbie on the scene and also the most expensive on this list. Like all of the other kits, at the very least it includes a wax to shape brows and then a powder to set it. Inside you get a little plastic cover that tells you how to use the product, so if you're new to the brow game, then there's no need to worry. Also included are a pair of mini tweezers and double-ended brush, one side with a spooley and the other with an angled brush. There are only two shades available but this little kit includes everything you need if you're just starting out.

2. Sleek Brow Kit - £8.49
Another more expensive option by Sleek. Like the L'oreal kit, it also includes a wax, setting powder, tweezers. and angled brush. Instead of a spooley, this kit offers a blending brush with it. The packaging is bulkier than the L'oreal option (which is definitely more of an on-the-go option as it's tiny and will nicely in any purse). But this is one of, if not the most, popular of the brow kits. It now comes in four shades so you should't have any difficulty finding a shade for you. 

3. Barry M Eyebrow Kit - £5.99
This kit includes all the essentials - wax, powder, double-ended applicator and tweezers. Unlike the others it includes a highlighter which you can use to highlight your brow bone, or anywhere else that you think needs an extra touch of highlighting. Unfortunately the kit only comes in one shade (and it's most definitely not a 'universal shade') so it's only one to go for if you're looking for a darker shade. 

4. Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit - £3.99
For something that won't break the bank but is still a quality product then anything from the Rimmel Brow This Way range is really good. It includes a wax, powder, double-ended angled brush and a spooley. The packaging is slim so it's good for on-the-go. The issue with this one is that, like the Barry M kit, there are only options for mid-dark brows and only two shades at that. If you're fair, you might want to consider the MUA kit. 

5. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Brow Kit - £3.50
This is a great alternative to the more expensive options for the budget beauty buyer. Each kit includes a wax, as well as two brow shades and a highlighter. You also get a double-ended applicator and a mini pair of tweezers too. For the price you pay there's no real fault with this product. It comes in two shades; fair-mid and mid-dark. 

Which is your favourite high street brow kit? Have you tried any of these yet?