Bourjois Beauty'full Dark Kol Mascara

Sadly, my beloved Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara has passed the three month mark and although it's still usable, it's starting to get a little bit dry and flakey. So it was time to hunt down another and I fancied trying something new. The only mascara I've tried from Bourjois in the past was terrible. It was in a purple tube and had a brush that bent outwards so it was near impossible to use. I'd tell you the name but I can't find it online anywhere (probably for the best!) So for a while I was put off trying any of their eye makeup but the Dark Kohl mascara intrigued me.

With the promise of more volume and a dark colour, I was lured in. I'll be honest, I was in two minds about the shape of the brush,  I didn't think it was something I was going to get along with but in the end I decided I'd give it a go. And I actually really like it. I generally lean more towards plastic in the bristle vs. plastic brush debate anyway and if I didn't like it I could always pass it on to my mum.

The only promise this mascara doesn't fulfil is the volumising part. With the right technique I tend to get a lot of volume out of a mascara anyway, even if it doesn't claim to be volumising. But there's only so much you can do with a brush of this size and shape. That being said, it is brilliant at getting the tiny lashes in the corner and also brilliant at coating your bottom lashes. I'd say for lengthening, it's spot on and with a couple of layers you can build up the volume slightly but there are other mascaras out there that do a better job.

My one bugbear with this mascara is the mass of product that collects at the end of the brush, you can see it in the picture above. I have to wipe it off because, let's be honest, I can only just manage to get the mascara on my lashes at the best of times. If I start going in with all that mascara formula on the end, you know I'm going to end up with the post-mascara sneeze look.

And still, nothing beats my Tarte love. 

What do you think of the mascaras that Bourjois have to offer? You can buy this mascara for £7.99.