Review: Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

My eyes are the first to give away when I'm tired. They look dark, feel heavy and watery and they're a real pain to contend with on early mornings. I've been on the hunt for a good eye cream for a while now, specifically an eye brightening cream. I tried one from simple which I didn't hate but I didn't love either and I've tried ones from multiple other high street brands that didn't cut the mustard either.

I've been hearing about Origins for a while but I've always filed them into the 'can not afford' category and skimmed over them on other blogs. But I did a massive amount of research around this product to make sure that I wasn't splurging on something that I would ultimately hate. But it's good news: the use of ginseng, caffeine and optic brighteners make this product the perfect cover up for dark circles and tired eyes!

Let me just say I love this product. I've never used an eye cream that has yielded results straight away but as soon as I put this on, my eyes looked brighter and I looked less tired (enough to pass off that I had a couple hours more sleep than I actually had.) The pearlescent/shimmery nature of this cream make it perfect for morning application, before you apply makeup. The only issue I had when I first started using it was that after a couple of days it started to sting the outer corners of my eyes. However I think that the new eye makeup remover I was using might have caused that. So I avoided that area for a few days and used a different eye makeup remover and the stinging subsided. 

Despite the stinging dilemma, I'm more impressed with this product than I have been with any other. This was definitely worth the money and I think I might have found a lovely life long partnership.

You can buy this from Origins or Feelunique for £23.

Have you tried this gem yet?