Baked: Chocolate Lollipops

Just a quick post to for you today to share some sweet treats! Since my boyfriend moved out of his mum's house last summer, we've made the most of having a kitchen that we can destroy in an attempt to made something at least half-edible. We've had some disasters (think Jonathan Ross on Comic Relief Bake Off) but we've also done alright from time to time. These chocolate lollipops have become a favourite for when we want to make something quick and easy.

The green silicone mould that we used is from asda and only cost a couple of quid. The lolly sticks come with it and are also re-usable. 

Quick Step-by-Step:
- Melt 3 bars of chocolate over a saucepan
- Spoon melted chocolate into moulds (if you use three bars there should be just enough)
- Place lolly sticks in the moulds
- Cover with topping of your choice (crushed maltesers were a real winner with us)
- Pop them in the fridge for half an hour or so to set

And there you have it! Beautiful looking treats made in less than 10 minutes. 

What are your favourite treats to bake?

If you're curious, I bought the mason jars from Showerella on Not on the High Street. You get  four jars for £15 and straws/lids are also included in a design of your choice.