The Body Shop Shimmer Lip Balm

My lips are dry at the best of times. Throughout winter I have to make an extra effort to keep from them from becoming too dry and chapped (I've given up on them ever being normal) so I always keep a couple of lip balms in my bag and coat pockets. I bought the Shimmer Lip Balm from The Body Shop a few months ago but haven't used it much. When I was last clearing out my makeup drawers, I found it still packaged in the depths of all my other lip products. I decided it was time to give it a full test run. I have to say, I'm in two minds about it. But then again, I always am with The Body Shop lip balms. I want to love them but for some reason they always fall short.

For those of us that don't always like to wear a bold lip, a lip balm with a little extra something is the perfect substitute. I love the colour of this one from The Body Shop because it has a hint of natural colour and just the right amount of shimmer. Nothing is ever perfect though and this balm doesn't last very long. If it's the only lip product I have on me I'm forever taking it out of my bag to top it up. It's not particularly moisturising either so it's not often I opt for this over a Carmex or Vaseline.

I couldn't just let it lay in my makeup drawer though. I liked the colour enough to start wearing on top of other lip colours. I generally wear it with nude colour because it matches well with a more subdued look. But as much as I love the colour, for £6 I wouldn't say it was worth it. You can have a nosey at it on The Body Shop website here but I'd definitely say that there are much better lip balms out there (for a better price too!)