On Reading Children's Books

For as long as I can remember I have always been hugely into reading. I am the resident book worm of the family and nothing gives me greater pleasure than sitting down and getting lost in a good book. Sometimes I find myself wanting to devour a 500 page novel that touches on deep issues, past or present. Other times I just want to pick up an easy read, one that will make me laugh and can be put back on the shelf at the end of the day. 

Working in a school has inspired me to read all the children's books I missed out on when I was younger. I was a big Jacqueline Wilson fan when I was in primary school and I can remember reading almost every single one of her books but I can't remember reading much else. I eventually read the Harry Potter books but there were so many other brilliant books that I never touched.

The thing about children''s books is that they are, for the most part, incredibly light-hearted and fun to read. Roald Dahl's collection has had me smiling and laughing at the nonsense that fills the pages. The Narnia books have taken me on many exciting adventures. The Lemony Snicket's series has had me on the edge of my seat hoping that the Baudelaire children escape in time. There's just something so refreshing about reading these stories and it's meant that I've been able to sit with the children in school and talk to them about new books they can read and see them get excited when chatting about beloved favourites.

Unlike a lot of adult books, children's books always seem to leave me with a sense of hope and optimism which I think, ultimately, is why I like them. The characters in these books are often brave and adventurous and intelligent and curious. They remind me of all the things I should still be aspiring to be, now that I'm twenty two and even in years to come. They teach the importance of kindness and forgiveness. The importance of friendship and family. The importance of having an imagination. Even though I have a  list as long as my arm of novels I want to read, I always find myself browsing those library shelves searching for another children's classic. 

A Catch Up & Kate Spade Stationery

It is 7.35am as I begin writing this blog post and I'm sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea watching the snow fall. It's beautiful and it's peaceful and it feels as though I'm the only person in the world that is awake. It's been a bit of a strange week this week but I'm still clinging on to a temporary job that I love so I have that to be thankful for. I bought myself some lovely Kate Spade stationery at the end of last week so if I ever get my own desk, it'll be fully decked out in pinterest-worthy stationery. The telegram note block is my favourite. The pink and gold details are amazing!

I've been reading a lot of children's books lately. Partly because I want to be able to talk to the children about what they're reading at school and partly because I never read any of those books as a child. I went through a lot of Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger but I don't remember reading much of anything else. Since starting this job I've delved into the world of Roald Dahl and David Walliams and sometimes they are enough to make you laugh and cheer you up.

My blog has taken the backbench since I started working full time. The weather doesn't help either. By the time I get home it's almost dark and that kind of lighting is no good for half-decent blog photos. I have loads of ideas about books and makeup products that I want to talk about but I don't get chance to compile it all into a blog post. Hopefully now that it is a little bit lighter in the evenings I'll get chance to put some more work into my blog again. 

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far - enjoy the rest of your Sunday! It's still snowing here so I'm going to make myself another cup of tea and finish the rest of my book.