Baked: Christmas Cupcakes

 Can you believe it's Christmas Eve already? Today two of my best friends came over for a couple of hours. It's became tradition for them to visit on Christmas Eve when we were at sixth form and we kept it up when everyone left for uni because sometimes it was all we got to see of each other for months. So today we had a nice catch up and they both awed at my mum's handy work with the Christmas tree (she's Queen of Christmas Decorating!)

I love Christmas. This year I've been trying to get Callum in more of a jovial Christmas spirit so I decorated his house and made him watch Christmas films and listen to Christmas music (he obliged, I didn't have to tie him to a chair in front of the TV or anything...) I also convinced him to bake some Christmas cupcakes with me! Here's the recipe, it's just a simple vanilla cupcake recipe but we had fun baking them (and I had tons of fun taking the photos!)

We bought the cupcake cases from Home Sense, which came with the little decorations too. We also bought a new piping gun, a bit like this one. It was fun to play around with and we were able to do the really big buttercream swirls on top (finally, like a proper cupcake!) I love how festive they look! 

Now I'm going to go enjoy what's left of Christmas Eve with a big hot chocolate and a Christmas cupcake! Merry Christmas everyone!