Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter

Although we may never be on par with the Queens of Contouring (a.k.a Kim K and her sisters), we can certainly try to pass for at least halfway acceptable. I've tried a few different highighters and I really do think the best place to start out with contouring is to buy the Sleek Contour Kit. It's fairly cheap in comparison to others and you get a countour, highlighter and a blusher in the same palette.

That being said, my favourite highlighter has to be the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter. Even in the pan it looks beautiful, right!? It comes in three different shades - Pink Lights, Golden Lights, Peach Lights. I bought mine in Peach Lights and it's perfect. Pink Lights seems to have more of a violet/purple tone to it and Golden Lights is almost colourless which I think I might actually purchase at some point too (don't judge, they're that good).

The colour payoff is good, you don't need too scrub your brush in the pan to transfer the product.  There is just enough shimmer in there without it being too much, it just gives off a nice sheen look. Normally I just apply to my cheekbones to brighten my complexion but sometimes apply down the bridge of my noses, middle of my forehead and chin too. You can be slightly less generous in those areas as you want it to be subtle. Nobody wants to look like a Christmas bauble in the middle of summer. Or at anytime of the year for that matter.

I don't get on too well with cream blushers/highlighters. I can't seem to apply them without scrubbing off half of my foundation too. So if, like me, you're partial to a powder highlighter, give this one a try. It only costs £3 too and you can buy it from Superdrug here.

What's your favourite highighter to use?