Review: L'oreal Eva's Red

Eva's nude from this collection has been a favourite of mine for a while now. And when the individual red range came out, I was instantly drawn to Eva's shade again.

I've always been a bit afraid of red lipstick. I mean, when Taylor Swift is setting the bar it's a tougie to beat. But I braved the Christmas season last year with a splash of red lipstick every now and then and I'm glad this was the lipstick that saw me through the season.

Wear time is good - I sported mine throughout the whole New Years evening and after some nibbles and many (probably too many) drinks this little love hadn't budged at all. The formula is great too. I have such a problem with dry lips but this wore really nicely with a bit of lip balm over the top.

It's just a lovely lovely product. With it's deep tone it will suit most skin tones and at £4.99 (bargain!!) from Superdrug, why wouldn't you give it a whirl?