Netflix Top 5: TV Shows

We're all prone to a good Netflix binge every now and then (read: all the time). As a student it has provided me with more than enough material for a study break. Or procrastination, whatever you want to call it. So I've compiled a list of the best things I've watched on Netflix over the past year. Honestly, I only wanted the free trial so I could watch Orange is the New Black but I got sucked in. Oh, that happened to you too? Good, at least I'm not on my own.

1. Lie to Me - I loved this one so much that I'm currently re-watching it. It's based around Cal Lightman, a deception expert, who reads people's facial expressions and body language to uncover the truth about police cases, FBI cases, TSA cases etc. 

(For the psychology nerds: it's based on a guy called Paul Ekman. His book Emotions Revealed is a really good read. The whole thing actually made me question my degree choice, fab.)

2. Pretty Little Liars - I've been watching this show since it started so I always had that week-long agonising wait between episodes and then the couple-month long agonising mid-season break and then the half a year long agonising wait between seasons. But the good news is that you can now binge watch all five seasons on Netflix.

Summary: Five friends, one goes missing, others start receiving mysterious messages from 'A', threats start, people die, everyone and their dog is accused of being 'A', you get confused, you get frustrated, you start to think you're 'A', you curse the show, you claim you're not watching the next season, you start to count down the days until the next season start.

3. Orange is the New Black - A women's prison where Piper is sentenced to a year for drug trafficking. She meets loads of weird and wonderful and scary people and we get to look in on their background stories too. It might not sound like your cup of but it's a really good watch. Give it a try, I promise you'll like it. 

4. Utopia - If you like conspiracies, this one is for you. Centred around a graphic novel that reveals government secrets about a lethal flu vaccine. Unfortunately there are only two seasons, six episodes in each. Word of advice: start watching when you've got a couple days spare because you will just want to watch each season in one sitting. 

5. Survivors - This is along similar lines to Utopia. A flu wipes out almost earth's entire population. A group of eventually find each other and struggle to survive in all the mess that remains. It's a BBC programme and it doesn't involve anything sci-fi or unnatural. Again, there are only a couple of seasons so ration it! 

What would be in your top 5? Can you recommend anything to me?