Review: Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed two of the Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks - shade 24 and 20. Okay, I'll admit it... It was the packaging that got me. I love it. It is quite bulky and I know a lot bloggers have a bugbear with this but I love that the colour is so easy to spot amongst my other lipsticks and they just look so modern compared to your usual black lipstick bullet.

The colour is quite sheen, I'd compare them to the Revlon lip butters if I was to give you a point of reference. It's almost deceiving that they're advertised as a lipstick. You can swipe them across the lips for just a touch of colour of build them up for a bolder look. Shade 20 is much more pigmented that 24  and it'll make a lovely colour for the spring/summer time! They apply really nicely too, not sticky at all. They don't last particularly long, like most lip butters/lip balms, but they do what they say on the tin - add lots of shine! 

I wear these on their own, I haven't dabbled into lipstick combos yet but if you have then please leave a comment as I'd love to hear you recommendations! 

You can buy the Shine Edition lipsticks for £7.99 from Boots. It's the same price as the Revlon Lip Butters  (but with a much more vibrant range of shades) so if you're a fan of those, give these a try too!

Have you tried the Shine Edition lipsticks? What did you think?