Homemade Button Rings

Last Monday, in an attempt to cheer me up, my mum took me to The Range and we did some serious damage in the craft section. My mum justified it with a 'well, this can be your graduation present... I couldn't think of anything to buy you!' So now I have a lovely craft box full of all sorts of delights and I couldn't wait to get started with it all. I was spoiled for choice! 

I've had so much fun making these cute little button rings over the past week. I've been playing around with different designs and sizes and colours to see what looks best. I'm yet to touch the soldering iron (the time will come but for now I'm reluctant to start experimenting with it). I've been wearing the green one over the weekend and I think it's lovely for this time of year just for a bit of colour and a bit of something different. It took a while to get the hang of it at first but it got easier with time and I was able to do a few fancier details round the edges.

What do you think? 

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