Review: Beauty UK Baked Blush 'Halo'

When you're having a good skin day, especially in summer, a good blusher can be the icing on top of a very lovely looking cake (i.e your face.) I'm sorry, that was terrible. Your face looks nothing like a cake. But the point is that the Baked Blush from Beauty UK is perfect for the summer months and lately it's been my go-to beauty staple for when the sun is shining.

Beauty UK claim that this blusher captures 'sun-baked summer bliss' and 'healthy, holiday-glow skin'. I can vouch for all of these claims. It's shimmery enough to add a lovely highlight but not too shimmery so that your face looks like a disco ball. One sweep over the product with your blusher brush is enough to pick up (probably more than enough) product. I always dab my brush on the back of my hand just to get rid of any excess and then sweep across my cheekbones. It gives a lovely, healthy pink colour and highlights in a subtle but noticable way. I've had a few compliments about how healthy my complexion looks when I've been wearing this product and I never get compliments on my complexion.

The only thing I don't like is the packaging. It's so big and bulky for a product that takes up hardly any of the space inside. Plus it's a cardboard, magnetic box so it never feels secure in my makeup bag. If I was travelling long-haul with it I'd probably tie an elastic band around it just to keep it together. But on the plus side it does come with a mirror. Handy.

It only costs £3.99 so it's a complete steal. You can get it from the Beauty UK website and it comes in four different shades. It used to be sold in Superdrug but they're no longer available to buy on the website but it might be worth popping into a shop if you're out and about to see if they stock it!

What's your favourite highlighting blusher?