Nude Nails: Lottie London 'Hit Refresh'

I have a bit of aversion to the colour red in the makeup/nails department. I can't really pull off a red lip (although it doesn't stop me trying) and it turns out I can't rock a red nail polish either. Who knew? I much prefer nude nails on an everyday basis because I think they just look cleaner, much more subtle and you can wear them with anything. So over the next few weeks I'm going to share my favourite nude nail polish shades starting with my favourite: Lottie London 'Hit Refresh.'

I jumped on the Lottie London bandwagon as soon as the range was released because the range looked different from anything else on the high street. You can read about my initial picks here. When I was planning my graduation outfit I knew I wanted to wear a nude nail so I had a browse through Lottie London's huge 60 piece nail polish collection and landed on this one. I think it's the perfect barely there shade and it is all I've been wearing lately. Well, aside from the red nail disaster from earlier in the week. But let's forget about that one.

The Lottie London nail polishes are such good quality too. I have real trouble making a nail polish last more than 24 hours without chipping but I got away with this one for a couple of days before I started noticing any chipping. And with a nude polish you can sort of get away with a few chips on the tips as it's not bright enough to be truly obvious. And at £5.99 a bottle you can't really go wrong.

Have you tried this nail polish or any others from Lottie London?