Battle of the Hand Creams

A good hand cream is essential in any woman's handbag. Somehow over the past year or so mine have accumulated massively (I blame half of that on my Superdrug discount... Sometimes temptation is just too much! I mean, I really needed all the new release mascaras and hand creams, right?) So today I'm sharing with you some of my favourites!

Boots Botanics All Bright Hand Cream
This is one of the best in terms of value. You get 75ml of product for £2.89 and it comes in a really sturdy tube so it's pretty handbag-proof too. The product itself is lightweight, has a light cream-like smell but nothing overpowering and it is most definitely fast absorbing so it's a good one for those who quickly want rid of that greasy feeling. The only claim that I'm not sold on is the brightening qualities but I'll probably go on living just fine without it.

Superdrug Hand Therapy 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Cream
This one is probably my favourite of the bunch just because it works so well at strengthening my nails and making them look super healthy. Like the Botanics one, the product is lightweight and soaks in pretty quickly. I always spent a bit of extra time with this one massaging it into my nails and by that time the product has soaked in everywhere else. This one is really good value for money at £1.49 for 75ml (if you click the link don't worry about the packaging, the product is still the same).

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Hand Cream
This one wins by a long shot on the scent-front. Unfortunately the Frosted Cranberry was limited edition at Christmas but The Body Shop still do a good range which you can check out here (I've got my eyes on the satsuma one). I can't fault the product here either, it's a bit thicker than the others and it feels really luxurious but at £3.50 for 30ml, I'd expect something a bit higher quality. My issue with this is the packaging. If it gets abused by anything heavy at the bottom of my handbag it tends to squeeze the product so when I take off the lid the product just seeps out. What a waste! But oh my, the smell...

Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream
This is a more heavy duty product for dry hand-related emergencies. It's a thick cream (with a very heavy cream smell) but works well to give a more intense treatment. I bought this one because it was just a handy handbag size which cost £1.50 for 30ml. I like it but don't love it. It's probably my least favourite of the four but for the sake of convenience and nourishment, it gets a spot.

What are your favourite hand creams?

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