Blogs I'm Loving #2

 It's time for another round of blogs I've been loving lately and oh my, do I have some good ones for you to check out! I recently joined a blogging network and it's been a real treat getting to discover some new and exciting blogs. I wish I could post all of my favourites but I'm sure neither of us have the time to either write or read about them. So let's get to it!

1. Ellie Speaks - Ellie used to go to a church conference each year that I also attended, we probably crossed paths hundreds of times but we've never actually met. Long story short, I've been a long time lover of her blog. She posts such poignant, thought-provoking and sometimes heart-wrenching writing and her posts are just a joy to read. Most of the time. Unless they're sad in which case I just want to send her a virtual cup of coffee and a warm hug.

2. The Fairy Princess Diaries - If you only check out one of the three blogs mentioned in this post, let it be this one. Jordyn seems like the most fun-loving and bubbly person in the blogosphere and somehow she manages to portray all of that through her blog. Her stories are always so fun to read and she offers the best advice, she's like the big sister I never had! She knows about what's important and every time I read her blog it makes me want to be a better person, as cheesy as it sounds. But like I said, she's got her priorities in order, she knows. She knows. If there's a fabulous lady on the internet to aspire to, she's the one.

3. The Lovecats Inc - I really admire Helen's blog because it's so very professional, especially to say she's not a full time blogger. She seems to know the business inside out so she has some great blogging tips and advice to offer as well as a host of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts too. Her photographs are amazing too, she's got a good eye for it. Plus she's always willing to offer some advice/recommendations if you're willing to get in touch.

What blogs have you been loving lately?