Books to Love: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

I love short stories. I like having something that I can get emotionally invested in without the commitment of a 500 page novel. And every now and then I come across a book or an author that sparks up my love of writing again. Cheryl Strayed did just that within the first few pages of her book Tiny Beautiful Things. You might be familiar with Strayed if you've read/watched Wild recently, the story of a woman's long trek of self-discovery after the unexpected death of her mother and her divorce. And not only does Strayed have a memoir under her belt, but also a series of essays and a novel too (Torch) which is next on my reading list. 

Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of advice columns written by Strayed under the pen name 'Sugar.' It sees questions and worries on life, love, friendship and family answered and soothed by the poetic advice of Strayed. Her anecdotes make the book that much more personal and Sugar almost becomes someone that you start to root for too. And not only that but her strength and faith kind of make you want to  be a better person too. She's often witty and her writing is so lovely it'll make you want to devour everything she's ever written. 

I can't recommend this book enough if you're looking for something uplifting and easy to read!

What have you been reading lately?

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