Those Weekends at the Train Station

I won't lie, I didn't enjoy sixth form. In fact I kinda hated it. I made good friends but they are the only fond memory I have from those two years, I just couldn't get on board with anything at all, even photography, the subject I thought would define my future career. Boy was I wrong. But the last project I ever did for my A-Level was my favourite and I'd even go so far as to say that I enjoyed it (typing that actually hurt a little bit... ouch.)

My final project was 'Travel & Transport' so there were many a weekend spent at a local train station taking candid photos of travellers. Here are a few that I took. Only the last two did I end up using for my exam but the others just show all the weird and wonderful people you see on public transport. I'm aware that they're not brilliant photos and they're certainly not well edited but I felt quite fond of them when I found them on this old computer of mine. It actually makes me miss doing photography!