The Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream

I have a terrible habit of going into The Body Shop when I have absolutely no money and just testing everything. I usually find a product I love and can't get out of my mind so I always, without fail, end up going back at some point to buy it. I did it with the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and I did it again with the Japanese Camellia Cream. Part of the larger Spa of the World range, the Camellia Cream claims to be 'a rich body cream with a light, velvety texture.' (TBS) It is designed to moisturise as well as relax and I can just imagine that this product is going to be  a staple on a home pamper evening.

Inspired by the Japanese Camellia flower, the scent is subtle and soft and very feminine. I'd even go so far as to say classy. The Camellia scent isn't at all floral like you would expect, which is good for me because I'm not the biggest lover of floral scents. It just smells so good. The great thing about it is that the scent lingers for ages after you've used it. I tested a little bit on my arm one morning and hours later I was still catching the scent whenever there was a light breeze (sounds pretty dreamy) and shoving my arm under Callum's nose saying 'doesn't it just smell amazing?' (not so dreamy.)

The next best thing about The Body Shop's latest addition to the moisturising family is the texture of it. It's really light and fluffy. Think a Mr Whippy, only a non-edible version that you smear all over your body. I fear it has been released at the wrong time of year because it feels too light to be a winter moisturiser. Hopefully it will do the job for the transition between seasons and I'm really looking forward to properly digging into it now that my blog photos have been taken. See that self-control?

The only thing I'm not happy with is the packaging. It looks good, don't get me wrong. I love how different it is from everything else that The Body Shop sell but it's so impractical for travelling. I still have a weekend trip to Barcelona to come this year and I was hoping to take this with me. However the hefty 350ml tub is mega heavy and bulky. I will probably resort to transferring some to a smaller tub because I just can't bear the idea of leaving it behind.

Of course it does the job of moisturising pretty well too.

It does cost £23 but definitely worth it as a gift or a treat! Have you tried any of The Body Shop's Spa of the World range?