About Me

'Sometimes what we want to do and what we must do are not the same. 
The smaller the space between your desire and what is 
right, the happier you will be.' 
- Jess Walter, Beautiful Ruins

Hello! Welcome to Jessica Grace, the little piece of internet that is mine to plaster with reviews, recommendations and memories! I've embedded some of my favourite posts throughout this section to hopefully you can do a bit of link-hopping to get to know me a bit better. Also, don't judge my blog on the content of this section - I am truly dreadful at writing about myself. Honestly, it's been six months and this is the best I can do.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm Jessica. I'm 21 years old and I've just graduated from university. I'm still job hunting at the moment but in the meantime I'm doing a lot of reading and a little bit of travelling too. This year I finally got to go to New York. It was the most amazing holiday and every time I talk about it to people or look back at pictures I just want to cry happy tears (but I won't, I promise.)

I do crafts from time to time (some might say not very well and to those people I say, well, at least I tried!) which you can read about here and here. It is tons of fun. I always forget how therapeutic it is to paint until I have a paintbrush in my hand and a canvas to go at. Both my mum and my grandma have paintings of mine hung on their walls. They're proud family and also very biased family but it makes me feel  a little bit happy inside nonetheless.

I also love to bake and often drag Callum into the kitchen with me to whip up something sweet. We've tried some vanilla cupcakes, swiss roll and some chocolate lollipops too. I think the chocolate lollipops have been my favourite so far. They're just so quick and simple to make, plus they taste really good too. That's about the only relationship I have with the kitchen, if I try to cook anything either I burn myself on some sort of appliance or Callum immediately takes over. What's a girl to do?

The main content of this blog is beauty. I love to post reviews and tips and recommendations on everything from makeup to skincare to nail polishes to haircare. I'm usually the go-to if my friends have any questions about makeup or new products. I have drawers and boxes and makeup bags full of makeup and hair products and I'm constantly spotting things in shops or on the web that I would like. It's always a lot of fun to play with new makeup looks on a morning and I can spend hours trying to find new hairstyles.

I hope you stick around and read some more of my blog. I've got some really exciting projects and collaborations coming up within the next couple of months so please feel free to follow me and keep up to date with my posts. Enjoy!