Anna Saccone Zodiac Necklace

I don't wear a lot of jewellery. I have a couple of special rings I like to wear but other than that I go about my days accessory-free (fashion isn't my thing, all I wear are jeans, boots and a jumper and even that's hard enough to coordinate in a morning! Add the problem of accessorising and my stress levels would be through the roof before I've even left the house). When Anna Saccone announced the launch of her zodiac necklace range before Christmas, I immediately added one to my imaginary Christmas wish list. If you don't already know, Anna Saccone is vlogger on youtube.. I love the Saccone Joly's, they are my favourite youtube family. They often make me laugh and Anna and Emelia's baking videos are my guilty pleasures. Even with a three year old Anna makes it look easy!

I ordered the necklace only a couple of days after Christmas so I wasn't expecting it to arrive for a few weeks. It came the first week of January and I've had it on every day since, I don't want to take it off. My zodiac sign is Libra (not the most exciting of Zodiac signs, in fact it's probably the most boring one!) and I went for silver so it would match the other little amount of jewellery I wear. I just love it!

I've seen zodiac necklaces and I have been tempted by a couple I've seen in Urban Outfitters in the past but I'm glad I waited and went for Anna Saccone's. The designs are beautiful so have a look at the Stilnest website. You can buy them in gold, silver or rose gold and they come in different lengths too. I went for the shortest length (45cm). 

They are quite expensive but they're good quality, personal and you can customise colour and length too so you can find a style that suits you best!