Contouring Made Easy: B. Sculpted

I know I said I was holding off on using highlighting products through the winter but I came across this product on instagram and I was really intrigued by it. I think B. is an incredibly underrated high street brand. They do great lipsticks and blushers and their nail polishes are lovely too, so I feel pretty safe when trying their new products. The B. Sculpted 2 in 1 Blush & Highlight stick looks like a simple, easy to use product and I thought it would only feed my highlighter obsession. But I didn't love this product as much as I thought I would.

I love the idea of this product in theory. It seems foolproof, right? One sweep across the cheek and you have perfect highlight/blush contour that just needs a little bit of blending out. I like the colour. It's a lovely coral/peach tone. The highlighter is pretty neutral too so I think it'd probably suit most skin tones. I can't fault the packaging either. First of all, the colour. I'm loving all things gold/rose gold/copper coloured lately (seriously, you should see my pinterest). Secondly, the wheel at the bottom allows for easy control over how much product you push up, which hopefully means no product wastage!

Unfortunately I just can't get this product to work for me. I tried it over the top on my foundation and it just scraped the foundation away. Then when I tried it blend it with a brush, it made it even worse (tip: as it's a cream blusher, using your fingers to blend out the product works best!) Wearing it under my foundation didn't work too well either as you couldn't really see the effects of the highlighter. I can imagine this will be a better product for the summer when I'll be wearing less face make up or just a tinted moisturiser. 

If you want to try this product for yourself, it's exclusive to superdrug and can be found for £10.99 on the website. It comes in three shades; light, medium and dark so you should be able to find a shade most suited to your skin tone.