Seventeen: Base, Lips & Cheeks

I'll be honest, I haven't tried many Seventeen products until recently. The vibe of the brand is quite young and it seems like a brand I'd have been drawn to when I was thirteen and just starting to wear makeup. Also having worked in Superdrug for over a year (hello staff discount) I sacrificed sampling Boots brands for Superdrug brands. I'm always open to shopping around brands, especially for good items that are a bit more budget friendly. Seventeen is a brand that you should check out if you're on a student budget or just want to save a few pounds here and there. The Boots beauty team were kind enough to send me some items from the brand to check out and I really enjoyed giving them a test drive.

Cheek Stamp | £4.99 This was the first product I tried because I was so fascinated by the packaging. It comes with a handy little mirror on the lid which you twist off to find a sponge on one side and the actual blusher hidden inside the lid. The basic idea is that you just stamp the circular sponge on the cheek but by doing this you run the risk of looking like coco the clown.  So it's best to go in with a lighter hand and swipe across the cheekbone. I thought the stamp concept was good at first but quickly changed my mind about it. In the future I'll probably even opt for just dipping my blusher brush in the lid.

Wow Skin Primer | £5.99 I wasn't so sure about this one when I first saw it. It looked a bit too shimmery. But I actually really liked this product. It's thicker than other primers, more like a cream in consistency. As soon as I put it on I noticed that my skin looked a lot brighter. If your comfortable in your skin I'd say this was good enough to wear on it's own, for a healthy glow. I wore it under foundation and found that my complexion looked a lot brighter even then. This one gets a thumbs up from me.

Stay Pout Lipstick | £4.49 This is by far my favourite from the bunch. My main issue with lipsticks, usually, is finding one that won't dry out my lips. When I first applied this and it almost immediately started to dry, so I worried. I was also concerned about the colour (shade: Just a Fling). As you can see it looks more like a brown/nude colour, one that I immediately thought would end up in my mum's hand bag, not mine. It actually wound up being really comfortable to wear, not drying at all. And the colour was lovely too. It looked more pink/nude on the lips than it does in the bullet so it ended up being a good colour match. The staying power of this is unbelievable too, I've never known a high street brand to last like this one does.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them! I'd also love to hear more Seventeen recommendations if you have any.