Makeup Revolution Blush Lacquer

Blusher is the easier way to add colour to a makeup look and generally requires little skill or practice. Just dab a brush in the pan and apply to the apples of the cheeks or cheekbones. The trouble is that the simplicity of applying blusher doesn't extend to liquid colour. I've tried a few cream blushers and found them quite difficult to use but I'd never tried a liquid blusher before. This lacquer from Makeup Revolution was no different, if anything is was actually harder to use. 

When Makeup Revolution first popped up, I was intrigued by their products. They were cheap and the quality was and still is comparable to higher end brands. This Vivid Blush Lacquer was one of the first products I tried from Makeup Rev but it's one that I don't particuarly love. I did quite a bit of research of these products as I was writing this review because I wondered whether I was the only person to not get along with it. Turns out that a lot of the issues I had with it, others had too.

The colour is amazing, I'll just say that. 'VIVID' is definitely the right word. The deep pink/red nature makes it a perfect autumnal colour. It comes with a handy pump but a not-so-handy portion is released if you press the pump all the way down. It only needs a tiny pump for you to get enough colour for both cheeks so you have to be really careful otherwise you'll end up wasting a lot of product. The formula also dries really quickly, making it hard to blend out and hardly suitable for those with dry skin. I'd say that the easiest way to blend this product is with a buffing brush. Ideally you need something that is sturdy and is quick to work with. If I ever use this product (on occasion I give it another go hoping that it will be the day I finally fall in love with it... Never happens) I'll apply three small dots of product on the apples of cheeks and blend around with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The good thing is that when you do master the art of applying this product, it has a finish like a stain so lasts all day!

It's such a shame that the product is hard to use because the colour is beautiful. It just feels like too much to contend with when I'm applying my makeup. I want a blusher that's as easy as swirling a brush in the pan and swiping across my cheek bones. I think I'll be sticking with my powder blushers from now on. I can only find a few of the shades online on the Superdrug (£3) and Makeup Revolution (£1) websites.

Have any of you tried this product? What is your take on the Liquid vs. Powder Blush Debate?