Photography: Taking Back my Mojo

I think having a bad experience doing photography at sixth form put me off for a while. For years I never picked up my camera, it sat gathering dust in my draw for such a long time, and I didn't even bother taking any pictures with my phone. A few holidays and outings and nights out have gone by without any documentation because I didn't want to be behind the camera. Or in front of it for that matter. Seriously, I have about four photos from my 21st birthday. Oops!

Lately, however, I've really been enjoying playing about with my (ahem* my boyfriend's, much better) camera. As well as experimenting with different compositions and backgrounds for the photos on my blog, I'm also trying to pick up my photoshop skills again, it's surprising how much I've forgotten. I've also been trying out my skills on my favourite subject - people. 

Now just to set up some context for these photos - I've been helping my boyfriend, Callum, out with promoting his music. Callum and his friend Lucas play in a band called Strung to the Sky and they are amazing. I'll leave all their links at the bottom of this post so you can check them out. Anyway, for a while Callum has been playing about with logos and designs for his band so I thought I'd try my hand at it too. 

So on a warm evening last week, Callum kindly obliged to my request and took to the garden to play some music while I took some photos. I'm actually really happy with how they came out and although there were a lot of dud shots, there were a few charmers in there too. I tried a few with the initials for his band too and it has actually sparked a few ideas for something else I want to try. If I ever get chance to try it out I'll be sure to share it with you!