Review: Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

I saw this mascara at work a few weeks ago and because it was on offer (and I have absolutely no will power) I thought I'd give it a go. With argan oil being all the rage at the moment I was interested to see how it would work in a mascara formula. 

It is quite a creamy formula, the difference between this and an average mascara is noticeable straight away. So when I was chatting to a few girls at work about it, they were saying they didn't get on so well with it for that reason. I like that though, I do feel like it is conditioning my lashes as Rimmel claim. And as the formula is so creamy, the mascara doesn't dry and flake off my lashes through the day! Well done you, Rimmel. 

The brush is lovely too. I'm drawn to plastic brushes anyway, the bristle brushes hold far too much product for me. And I feel like I have more control over a plastic brush. Rimmel call it an "ultra-flex brush" but I haven't noticed anything particularly special about it in comparison to other similar mascara wands and I'm not too sure how a flexi brush would help anyway... surely that'd just make controlling where the mascara goes more difficult? Anyway, whatever you want to call the brush, it's lovely for coating all of your lushes with no clumps! 

On another, and not entirely unrelated, note I really like the packaging. It makes a change from the usual black tubes that are floating around in my handbag! So all in all, I'm a fan of this product. 

Have you tried it? What did you think?