Lifestyle: Instagram Prints

Who doesn't love instagram, eh? A while ago I received a gift voucher from a lovely friend via Firebox for some Instagram prints because she couldn't be here to celebrate my birthday with me. If you haven't heard of Firebox, they're a company/website that sell quirky/personalised gifts and bits and bobs. A bit like Not On The Highstreet but quirkier. They sell some really cool stuff (bacon popcorn, um yes please!) including instagram prints! 

So Instagram prints I bought! I ordered 24 prints from my vast array of Instagram photos (it was hard choosing, let me tell you) for £14.99. You can buy 12 prints for £9.99 and you can also buy canvas and poster prints for £19.99. They took a week to arrive, true to their word, and I was so excited when the post man put them through my door! 

They're printed as little polaroids, and again, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned polaroid? You also get a free sharpie so you can add your own captions to the photos if you so wish - a great idea, I think, if you're wanting to give these to friends as gifts for birthdays/christmas/just for fun. Even the packaging is personalised with your photos and your instagram name, which I loved, it just gives it that extra bit of something special.

You can buy Instagram prints elsewhere for a bit cheaper but Firebox are so much fun to buy from, I genuinely looked forward to receiving emails from them because their quirky sense of humour made me chuckle every time. Anyone that refers to my postman as a 'Postie' with 'Jedi skills' is a winner in my book. They were a pleasure to buy from.

Firebox are definitely worth checking out! Whether you want some Instagram prints yourself or want to check out some of their other goods (they do sell lots of Breaking Bad goodies for all those out there, like me, who are in mourning of the program!)